"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Monday, March 22, 2004

Poet C

is Josh Edwards, Editor and Publisher of The Canary, and perhaps the easiest to peg. Everyone guessed this poet was male, and nearly everyone guessed his age (mid-twenties). Overall, people, were the harshest on this poem, and I'm not sure if it's one of Josh's least-likable poems, or if my taste is just off. Josh Corey's comment is fairly typical of the responses received: "Testosterone surrealism masking sentimentality." In fact, Corey also correctly guessed that Mr. Edwards is from Texas (but educated in Oregon and Alabama), and that he is a burger and fries sorta guy. Josh, for all the good work he does in poetry (publishing, editing, writing his own poems, and promoting like a madman), strikes me as a not-very-interesting eater. He's an "eat to live" guy, whereas I'm the other type. He detests mayonnaise or anything resembling mayonnaise. I've seen him eat gardenburgers a few too many times to be entirely trusting of his palate. Anyone who GOES OUT and then orders a gardenburger strikes me as immediately suspicious. He's also not fond of alimentary paste.

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