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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Hold On Hope

So, Tony Tost alerted me to the breakup of the legendary Guided By Voices. Very sad. But with Black Francis and gang reunited, something had to give. There's a limited quantity of great rock band *energy* or something (excuse the lame word, but I'm not feeling very inventive here--I guess I could say "rocketsauce"--yeah, there's a limited amount of rocketsauce)--and GBV, by breaking up, allows the Pixies to continue. That's it.

I dreamed I saw the Pixies in a highschool auditorium last night. Frank Black sang "Evil Hearted You" while the rest of the band lounged around on couches drinking beers.


Several folks have sent poems for me to comment on. I'll be getting to that very soon. Perhaps even today.

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