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Saturday, April 24, 2004

New Game: Send Me Poems

I've been thinking I'd like to write a series of short response/essay/loose thoughts on a series of poems on a more or less daily basis. When the idea originally planted itself in my head (over a salad of mixed greens, goat cheese, toasted hazelnuts, green apple, and cranberries in a a saba vinegar dressing) I imagined that I would just pick a book or journal or anthology from one of my bookshelves, at random, and flip to a poem, read the poem, and then spend a few minutes writing about it. Then it occurred to me that randomizing by such a method would be difficult. After all, I know where my poetry books are, on what shelf, in what room, etc. I still may do this. (Like...I could write on the poem on the 34th page of the first book of poetry I happen to touch on a particular day.) However, for now, and with your cooperation, I'd like to send out a call for poems. They may be your poems, your lover's poems, Shakespeare, Shelley, Stein, Sappho, your plumber's poems, your personal chef's poems, poems about your dog, poems by your dog, poems by your million monkeys, new poems, old poems, poems in French (which I won't really understand), poems in Hebrew (which I will only partially understand), poems in Spanish (which I will kinda understand, but not enough), poems on death or sex. Whatever. In fact, that reminds me--I told my students the other day that all poems were about death or sex, and they seemed surprised, as if they'd never heard this before. So, anyway, send me a poem. One poem. I will read it, and, provided I don't get deluged, post a mini-essay on this very blog soon after. And I will, of course, mention whether it is a sex or death poem. Remember, you can send any poem you'd like. If you send your own work, you'll get a chance to see my editorial process in action. Then you can decide whether or not you'll submit to The Canary, based on my either a) good or b) bad analysis/comments on your poem. If you send someone else's work, you'll see your opinions of it confirmed or contradicted. Do it now. It's your duty as an American, or as a citizen of whatever country you're from.

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