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Saturday, April 03, 2004

I Think This Is A Found Poem


Having said that, how are you?
Heard your Dad had surgery; is he OK?
Did you know that the recipe you have on your blog,
the cookies, is a link not only to my childhood but to
my deepest subconscious desires for comfort coupled
with crisp/tender butteriness? In my Mom's old Betty
Crocker cookbook (I would say '60s or '70s as my early
80s version doesn't have it)that recipe appears with a
picture (light green background, pastel-centered fork
dimpled little cookie rounds stacked high on a plate).
My Mom made those cookies when I was very, very
little and I remember looking at the picture and then
eating the real thing and thinking that my mother was
a genius, an artist, to make something that tasted
better than anything I'd ever eaten, and so dainty
(not a porkchop or spaghetti-os, are they?) And to
this day, they reign as the supreme cookies of
cookiedom for me, altho' I couldn't find a recipe
again--and look! There they are on your website.
So all this is just to say that I love you.

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