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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Lettuce in a Burrito?

Stephanie Young is correct. Lettuce does not belong in a burrito. In most cases, rice also does not belong on a burrito. Beans are okay as long as they don't overtake the burrito with their beanness. A local chain-type place here in Eugene--they used to be a chain called "Burrito Boy" but now they all (five or six) have slightly different names, like "Burrito Bros." or "Burrito Amigo" and so forth--serves their burritos with a tiny bit of meat and a whole lot of lettuce, rice, and beans. I don't like them. No sir.

Best burrito ever: Adalberto's on Rosecranz in San Diego (across from the old Naval Training Center and almost next door to Von's) makes an incredible carne asada burrito. What's on it? Meat. Lots of meat. And some guacamole if you want it. That's it. Cost? About 3.50, tax included. When I first discovered them in 1991, they went for 2.60.

Also, tacos don't take cheese, unless it's a tiny tiny bit of dry crumbly Mexican cheese, but even that's a little iffy. Tacos take chopped onions and cilantro. That's it.

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I just got the new Canary. It's gorgeously yellow. It contains good poems by good people. Buy one.

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