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Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm in the mood, the mood for you

Mountain Goats. Two shows. Portland, then Eugene. Different set lists, great shows. Definite highlight--Portland's final encore, "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton." Hundreds of drunk, half-drunk, and just deliriously drunk on the tunes people screaming "Hail Satan!" It was really rather beautiful in a non-ironic, non-Satanic way.


Speaking of Satan, I listened to Danzig today.


New Sincerist Rollcall:

Sorry, but strife has already arisen. The core New Sincerists cannot decide on membership. Therefore, nobody is a New Sincerist right now.


Back in Eugene. Today: housework. Missing people.


Recently finished The Seneca Review's "New Lyric Essayists" issue. Good stuff by Ander Monson and Jenny Boully among others. Also of note--Stefanie Marlis' Cloudlife.


Yesterday, breakfast for dinner. Mom-style Mexican food--eggs with tortilla strips, potatoes with chorizo, tortillas, fresh fruit.


Received--a Mayhew translation project. To be read soon.

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HHH said...

Tony, I had a wonderful time with you while you were in Portland! We sure did happy hour it up, all of which were awesome. Once again, I thank you for introducing me to the Mountain Goats a few months back! The show was awesome and i'm glad I got to go with you :) I was sad to see you leave on Tuesday. I miss the fun we had, and I miss you trying to speak Hungarian while feeling toasty at 4 in the morning. I'll see you soon when we both drink Mr. Mister under the table. Looking forward to it....