"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Saturday Without Warning

Back in Eugene for 24 hours.


I ate the best grilled-cheese sandwich in the history of the world the other night. Two cheeses, one goaty, the other creamy-melty (fontina? muenster?) w/ sundried tomatoes, arugula. Thai food at a shady restaurant. Bad pizza last night at one of the pizza places with a video arcade, lots of balloons, and trillions of ankle-biters.


Evil coffee twice.


My box of Canaries, red issue (#4), finally arrived. If I owe you one, drop me a line with your mailing address.


Semi-finalist. Again. Time to retool the ms.


I can't keep up with Jonathan. I leave for two days and now--I can't be current. Too much to comment on. Reb too. You guys, slow down--at least when I leave town.


Send me email to my gmail account. It will make me feel important.


Mountain Goats coming up twice--Monday in PDX, Tuesday in Eugene.


This week, at least, I'm allergic to a) the Covert couch, or b) the Covert cat, Loaf. Itchy itchy. All better now. I had to take Benadryl. Benadryl should not be sold over the counter because it makes you fucking CRAZY.


Stayed up very late on Thursday, talking to Jack and Julia. Jack is convinced I'm a thug. We're, you know, still friends and everything, but he finds me thuggish.


Cop or Thug? I could star in a film in which I played both leads.


The manifesto for the New Sincerity is in the works. Suggested titles: "Constantly
Risking Sentimentality" or "Please Excuse Our Failure" or "Why the
Long Face." Titles courtesy of Andy Mister.


If you are interested in New Sincerity and all that it entails and think you'd like to join, email me a short paragraph outlining your qualifications.


That's it for now. I'm out. Rock and Roll Suicide. Time takes a cigarette...


Reb said...

I like "Why the Long Face" -- I wish I could join your movement, but I doubt my poems qualify -- even though they are quite sincere, nobody ever reads them that way. I fear I'm doomed to the life of a groupie.

T. Magificent said...

The Blogger Terrorist Strikes Again!

email the blogger terrorist

T. will listen if you talk.

Stuart Greenhouse said...

O lord, now I'm going to have Bowie in my head all week. Thanks.

I once had an argument with Perry Meisel about whether or not Bowie's lyrics could be taught as poetry, and was crushed when I lost. I think he hypnotized me.

Laura Carter said...


I hereby formally declare my interest in New Sincerity. I have no qualifications. This is my best qualification, sort of.

I would like to help provide a foil to all potential critics & anodynes.

I read philosophy. I eat Doritos. I am somewhat of a blubbering fool. My favorite color is blue.

Am I in?

Charles said...

I want Laura in the boat.

Nick Piombino said...

New Sincerity Movement.
Count me in.

juniper said...

reading, listening and enjoying you.
the movement huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, what about the Envious Nonentity & Destined For Total Oblivion School of Poets, the one to which you & your Attack of the Blog People pals all belong?

Laurel said...


Someone is really hostile!!! I can't imagine being so empty inside...


Anonymous said...

I think Franz Wright left that comment!


Nick Piombino said...

Wow- a movement barely 24 hours old
and it has detractors before there are any
official members! That's fierce...

Reb said...

Hey -- that sounds like a movement that might have me! Cool.

Anonymous said...

You should have called, written, something, anything... don't know why I feel sad leaving, and yours one of the faces I will remember. We'll miss you, Tony. -- always, and ever, Homer

Tony said...

Wow. This is weird. Who's Homer?

What's the Attack of the Blog People?

Someone help me.