"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Monday, February 20, 2006

Lighten Up, Andy Mister (cf. Gina's Blog)

& I speak from a very deep place inside
a book of sonnets unraveling in the wind
where a fence missing slats leans into air
& you in Brooklyn searching for lentils
the green kind walk streets melted mottled
primped as a cat licks his paw my face
can no longer live like this ugly & bent
on the back of a book jacket take my body
out to pasture fill my photographs with fallen
sun swallowed by dune grass each lighthouse
a stopping point in my American century
where the narrative is spare then bright open
& too much marijuana makes a monkey
out of me I don’t want a cookie just a friend


Dustin said...

Uh-oh, I smell the beginning of an anthology of these...


gina said...

I think I could contribute a couple ;)