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Monday, February 20, 2006


Heceta Head Beach aka "Devil's Elbow"
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"When I go to the beach I touch / the sand. I taste spicy crabs."
--Matthew Langley

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Joshua Robbins said...

Killing me with this picture! How I miss the Oregon coast. Nothing here but a frozen-over creek that rots in the summer and a closed down Masonic Temple someone felt the need to vandalize last night. That and Sam Brownback. I quite like _Things are Happening_ as well and am looking forward to the new one. Once saw he and Matthew Rohrer read at Tsunami from _Nice Hat. Thanks._ Not like any other reading I've been to. You published one of my first poems in the first issue of Canary. I'll be purchasing the newest online now that I'm away from Powells and can't find it. Thanks for visiting my blog.