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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"I think I like you..."

Joseph Massey is the white Kofi Annan. You heard it here first.


Update: He's also a pedantic motherfucker.


I am going to rant a lot about MFA students and programs, but first, I want your approval, Gentle Reader. Approve in the comments box please.


The rain in Eugene falls mainly into puddles into which I then proceed to step, wetting my footwear.


This blurb just in:

"Tony Robinson rains steamy sperm over all the po-land with his poesy so melancholic and geared into emotional particulars, pussy, pickles, pizza, asparagus, Joseph Massey's white white ass and ta ta's; Oh, Tony is the shit. Fuck you. Read this fucking shit."

--Joe Massey, author of Pirates' Asses I Have Known.


Today I have the ever-so-slight inclination to pick on Eduardo. But I won't. I shall resist. Viva la raza!


This just in from someone who definitely did not write Eureka Slough: "yeah, you're not into lame ass fake lyric prose with bloated metaphors about guitars."


Eduardo C. Corral said...

Tony, don't pick on me. I just voted. I should be rewarded. Send me a poem. Or a love letter.

jeannine said...

I agree - don't pick on Eduardo. He's a sweet guy.
But, do raise a ruckus about MFAs, poetry in general, etc. I'm ready to read something incendiary. Everyone's been so agreeable lately.

Ash said...

The MFA program I'm in ain't doing dick for me yet. Rant away, kind sir.

Tony said...

Well, I don't think MFA programs do dick for anyone, really? Unless you're an asslicking sycophant, and use your connections to get a "career."

Usually this requires with sleeping with your prof.

Or just being an asslicking sycophant.

And then there are the _attitudes_. Please. Being in an MFA program does not make you a poet. It does not make you "more qualified" to "do" poetry. It does not make you a good critic.

I've got some really good Garrett Hongo stories to share. And some other stories in which I name names.

Ash said...

Hongo's poetry makes me wanna puke.

WV: Best For Your Butchering: X-acto Knives.

andy mr. said...

I was once banned from a workshop for being "too critical" i.e. saying someone's poem sucked ass. But I didn't have to go to class for the rest of the semester and still got an "A" which gave me more time to devote to my data-entry job. Woo Hoo!

CLAY BANES said...

all the great poets learnt to write in mfa programs. for fuck's sake.

Scoplaw said...

Tell it like it is, but use the small brushes.