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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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Sucks. Or at least it doesn't work on my archives, only on the currently visible posts. This is unfortunate because I was going to link to my old post about Marvin Gaye. I've said it before, I love Marvin Gaye, think his dad was a real mean guy, and absolutely adore the orange knit watchcap he's wearing on the cover of Let's Get It On but What's Going On is half-great and half formless peace love hippie Jesus shit. I'm sorry. Someone had to say it.

Perhaps Perry Farrel said it best in the Jane's Addiction classic "Pigs In Zen":

I know about war but I just wanna fuck. I know about pain and suffering and being cold, but I just wanna fuck.


andy mr. said...

I would take either half of Marvin Gaye over Perry Farrel any day.

Anthony R. said...

Well, you know, you certainly make a good point. However, I have a certain youthful nostalgia for that first Jane's Addiction album. I don't care much for the others but that first record, the live one, is pretty good.