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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SOTU (...yawn)

Last night Hannah came over with three forties of OE. We each consumed one while watching a VH1 show on teen stars. There was some William Zabka content, which provided much delight. We chatted about annoying people and then said nice things about people we liked.

By the time The President (Hannah says I must have respect for the office, if not the man) took the podium, a third forty was open and poised between us. We then proceeded to draft a quick version of that SOTU Drinking Game that's all the rage. At this point, I decided that more libations would be necessary so I repaired to the corner market for a couple bottles of Mickey's and a sixpack of Hamms. The rules were as follows:

Sectarian Violence: 1 drink
Ahmadenejad: 1 drink, 2 if pronounced correctly
Tries to speak Spanish: 3 drinks
Terror(ism)(ist): 1 drink
Bipartisan: 1 drink
Stay the Course: 10 drinks
Hilary frowns: 2 drinks
Ted Kennedy: 1 drink
Evil: 1 drink
Pelosi & Cheney make out: go on bender, drop out of school, quit our jobs, go to Vegas.

It's Wednesday and I'm still at my job.

1 comment:

Peter said...

Hahaha. Love this game. Wish I could have played.