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Monday, February 19, 2007

My Affect is NOT Flattened, Tracy!

I'm very sensitive.


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay! Your affect is very round.


Larissa said...

The few times I've seen Tony the last months his affect is quite round--he calls out to me "hey, Ennis" as he walks by. I like this quite a lot. No one else calls me ennis, and I've always yearned for the comraderie of the football huddle and a carefree masculine quality to my acquaintences to pass by but do not stop to talk. I do not answer in kind with "hey, Robinson," mostly because Robinson is a lot of syllables and Tony is only two (and what comes to mind).

Larissa said...

But then again, our two-word conversation is probably not enough evidence on which to base an evaluation of whether Tony's aspect is flat, round, or faceted. In which case he would have multiple personalities or something, to complete the metaphor.