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Friday, March 09, 2007

So, how many degrees does Seth Abramson have?

I am not sure that he has more than I do.

But, okay.

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larissa said...

Man, you poetry people are weird. I just skimmed the back-and-forth posts that y'all are fuming over, and I must say I haven't heard so much misdirected energy since I attended a bad production of Cabaret three years ago. (Ok, it wasn't that bad, but the only comparable wailing and gnashing and flailing I could think of on a Saturday morning). These questions are important to the poetry community (whether it exists in the way Abramson wants it to or not), but what I don't understand is the casual use of the word hate. So much acrimony for so little reason, as I see it. Maybe it fuels your poetic juices to have such anger ping-ponged about, but then y'all could at least be honest and admit it gets you all hot and bothered to be infected or hated or banned from each other's blogs. I'm gonna go read US magazine to cleanse my mental palate.