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Monday, March 12, 2007

Sinister Coffee

Since securing my current job last September, my consumption of Sinister Coffee has dropped off considerably. We have office swill which, actually, usually isn't swill. It doesn't really cost anything and it's convenient. Plus, there's no one in the office kitchen to try to upsell me AND there usually is some sort of baked good, fresh fruit, or some other coffee accompaniment selflessly provided by one or more of my coworkers.

Good enough. But then there's Monday. I don't go into the office on Monday but I try to treat it like a "work" day. I do "constructive" things, which, as we all know, require coffee.

It occurred me today that the tag phrase that accompanies nearly every order, "do you want room?" is merely a nicety, a formality. It means nearly nothing. Nine times out of ten, despite nodding my head vigorously and saying "yes, please, room," I end up having to pour a half inch of coffee into the trash so I can add cream.


You know what else I hate? Those people who shake cinnamon, cocoa, whatever sprinkle available on their regular old coffees.


betsy said...

i, for one, love to shake a little cinnamon into my swill. my favorite coffee-making trick is to shake cinnamon onto the grounds of the coffee before i brew it. i like the taste (and cinnamon is good for your liver) plus the smell it exudes into my cottage. and i don't even like flavored coffee (yuck). so there... xo

Mike Young said...

My problem with shaking cinnamon* into done coffee is that you don't taste the cinnamon.

But that's a good idea on cinnamon + grounds.

Honey, on the other hand, kicks the ass of sugar.

*The Problem With Shaking Cinnamon should be the title of something, I think.

Ash said...

I tossed a little cinnamon in my coffee before I discovered Seattle's Best Cinnabon. Great stuff, and usually I hate Seattle's Best.

Cinnamon rules!

Whimsy said...

Of course, you shouldn't sprinkle cinnamon into coffee. That's what nutmeg is for.

Ash said...

Right: Cinnamon in the coffee--once it's brewed--is vulgar. Sprinkle it in on top of the beans prior to grinding.