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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

oregon boy makes good?

“To say the very least, I’m honored that Dismantling the Hills is an upcoming Pitt title,” said McGriff, a 30-year-old Oregon native who now resides in San Francisco. “From Tranströmer to Levis, from Olds to Ostriker, from Kooser to Orr, the Pitt Poetry Series represents a broad range of poets who take up a lot of space on my bookshelf.”


I'm glad that our award-winning young up-and-comers are so widely read. Levis and Olds!


Anonymous said...

I wish it was called "Run to the Hills," after Iron Maiden. But from the looks of his poems, this guy seems to have the sense of humor of Dick Cheney's kidney stones.

Tony R said...

his poems are grim testaments to a life lived...to a...something.

Tony R said...

I'm going to call my next book of poems "Devil's Island."