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Thursday, November 15, 2007

People I'd Like to Hear From

Janice Pang, Michele Santamaria, Jennifer Rogers, Kevin Maier, Craig Franson, Hannah Tracy, Ryan Hediger, Amanda Adams, Gary Bodie, Kristin Kelly, Molly Templeton, Nick Twemlow, Robyn Schiff, Josh Edwards, Julia Covert, Greg Schapp, Sara Demarest, Chris Hoppes, Matthew Dickman, Julie Grant, Kristin Swetland, Jillian Weise, So, Dean Gorman, Michael Davis.


M. said...


Kevin said...

In a long "comment" in response to your tree-hugging post that mysteriously never appeared, I waxed philosophic about my vege-cum-bacona tarian ways giving way to full on gun-toting, living-off-the-land, large-mammal-killing omnivoriousness. Alas, the post is lost to cyberspace. The inspiration gone.

But yes: as if compelled to do so by my shabby dissertation, I've taken up hunting in earnest. In Alaska, it turns out, the long apprenticeship required to be a successful hunter is actually quite short. Living things have found their way to my freezer--delicious living things.

Oh, and tho' I suspect the grapevine may have communicated this: I've got a lovely 5-month old son named Reed. He keeps me on my toes, off the interweb, and utterly absent from my "scholarship."

Finally: I expect to pass through Eugene (and Laughing Planet, the Pizza Research Institute, the Duck Stop coffee place, and, most importantly, the hallowed halls of PLC) this December at some point. Assuming you'll be around, I'll stop by your parts to check in.

42 Craig Franson-inspired essays explaining the panopticon await…

to 4-day weekends,


Anonymous said...

I miss you like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tony. I think of you often. I just googled your ass. Not "your ass" but "Tony Robinson" I am pregnant with baby #2 and weigh 200pounds. I just finished my first book. It is light and funny and, for kids. It took five years to forget all the utter bullshit I learned at U of O.

Anonymous said...

But have not forgotten you.