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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Poetry At The Movies

I know the Matthew Dickman mentioned in the article linked above. Went to undergrad together. Well, not "together," but at roughly the same time. The first time I met him, he was rooming with a woman who would later try to seduce me, and then eventually settle into the boring and utilitarian role of my roommate. I say "utilitarian," because she often did the dishes. A few months later, she'd move out to marry a Buddhist special education teacher. In any case, when I first met Matthew, he bought me a tuna melt. I didn't see him for many years. Then in March of 2005, I ran into him in a hotel bar in Austin, Texas. I think he caught me with a fried green tomato in my mouth. He introduced me to his friend.

I recently looked up some of his poetry and found it quite good. Not that it wasn't always good, but it had been ten years or so since I'd read his work. Today, no poems. The poem I began last week has evaporated from my computer. I'm feeling mild-to-moderate general malaise. Maybe coffee will help.

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