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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Help me name my new chap.

Okay folks, here's the deal. After a long period of stagnation, of living in my own dank filth, of hibernating like a North American brown bear, of avoiding poesy and especially the people in the Poetry Land, of starting my own country called Wretched Self, of drowning in my beer, of festering in acrid wordless squalor, I've emerged anew, a crushed butterfly with a new ms. of poems and a yen for Chinese food lunch specials.

The deets: another 27 poems, all nine-liners, chronicling the aftermath of the sad spring weather and cheap cardboard cut-outs of my last chapbook. Darker, probably more offensive, and dare I say, pretty, these poems take a bit of a left turn from the stark autobiography and emotional detritus of the first book, and engage in some speculative but still emotiony poetics.

So who wants to lend me a name? I'll give a free copy to the winning entry.


Canarium said...

Hey Tony,

How about "243 Lines for Marcus Aurelius" or "Year of the Fire Pig: Poems"?

Come to Mexico!

Will you be in NYC? I'm heading up there to help Lynn put stuff in storage and meet with some UM folks about Canarium Books.



A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz said...

Maybe, "Of a Left Turn From the Stark Autobiography"?

Of course, this would actually be your title, so I wouldn't get a free copy. How about Lyrical Beersicle instead?

Jonathan said...

"Chinese Lunch Specials" would seem to be the obvious title.

Tony R said...

Yes. Chinese Lunch Specials does seem to be a good title. One I was thinking of.

BTW--does anyone find the line (or partial line) "noted child rapist Allen Ginsberg" offensive?

I mean, there's context and all...but yeah. Feedback please.

Anonymous said...

These Pages Smell Like Shoyu

K. Silem Mohammad said...

I like "Noted Child Rapist Allen Ginsberg" as the title.