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Friday, February 15, 2008

blog challenge, round 1

Welcome to a new feature here at Geneva Convention. It's the blog challenge, whereby I or one of my confederates issues a challenge to another blogger. And yes, you may challenge back. Everyone ready? Good. Let's go.

Today's Blog Challenge:

"I mean, I would fucking pay (money I don't have) to see a 1,000 word close reading of that poem by C. Dale."

*The poem in question is Joseph Ceravolo's Drunken Winter.

**No, we won't really pay C. Dale any money to read this poem. He doesn't need it.

Submitted by small-poem author Joseph Massey.

1 comment:

C. Dale said...

Do you have to do a 1000 word close reading of a poem to love it? I love the way the repetitions are like stammering. I love the way the poem has mirror symmetry. I love the way it sounds (in my head, but not necessarily in the voice of the poet himself). Your challenge of a 1000 word is declined on the grounds I don't write close readings for any poems. Next.