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Friday, February 15, 2008

joe's on a roll

On a poem from Verse Daily: "That poem reads as if Mary Oliver received a concussion after a copy of 'Legitimate Dangers' fell on her head."


On our favorite poeming oncologist:

"I can hardly wait until I'm old and nearly dead, when the likes of Farrar, Straus and Giroux will publish "The Collected Blog Entries of C. Dale Young" for literary scholars and poetry lovers across the globe, so we can once again ponder gem-like lines such as "TGIF. What else can I say!" The blunt matter-of-factness, the way the exclamation point is so deftly triggered it nearly trembles on the page, is as instructive as any great poem, just as a poet's prose should be."


C. Dale said...


Diana Marie Delgado said...

A. Robinson,

I've kind of given up on reading blogs, posting, lipstick, etc. However, I did, today, check out your blog and see twee poems I really love. New ones. I'm glad you're writing. As always, a fan.