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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I think I'm trouble at work today. There was a staff meeting at 8 am this morning. I didn't attend. Why? It wasn't on my calendar.

When I began working here mandatory but out of the ordinary events (like today's staff meeting--I say out of the ordinary because this is a special meeting of all sub-departments within my department and it only happens once per term) were always put on everyone's calendar by the secretary in the front office.

Apparently, this practice has ceased. Either that, or my MS Outlook is trying to fuck me over. In any event, everyone on this floor, at this end of the building is currently sitting in a staff meeting a few doors down. Everyone, that is, except for me. I wouldn't sweat it so much but this is like the third thing I've missed because it wasn't on my calendar. Everyone else managed to know about this! But I did not!

A search of my Eudora reveals that a little over two weeks ago the Boss sent out an email to everyone saying that this term's meeting would be at 8 am on March 13th and asked for agenda items. At the time I received this email I had no agenda items, so I promptly filed it in my "old" message file. I must have thought--well if there's a mandatory meeting, it will be on my schedule. I mean, it was last time!

Okay, enough. I am probably sweating for nothing, but I really don't like to look like an unpunctual flake. (Okay, some of you who know me in my personal life know a couple of things: that I am not unpunctual but I am a flake. I blow off invitations quite frequently, but if I SAY I'm going to be there, I'm there. On time, even. Usually. But at work--sigh.)


Anonymous said...

You're probably going to be fired. But it could be worse: you could be Seth Abramson.

Lyco said...

Sounds like it's not the norm for you, and I'm sure they'll know it.

I wouldn't sweat it.